Simonka Place Guest Services

Guest Services


Anyone needing help can receive:
a hot shower
clean clothing
personal care items
nourishing meals
safe shelter

Simonka Place Education and Employment

Education and Employment


Learning Centers
Our Learning Centers provide women the opportunity to prepare for the GED exam and improve their academic skills. Caring staff and volunteers develop individual learning plans and celebrate with clients as they achieve milestones in their education.

Employment Services
Valley Employment and Career Services helps women prepare for the workforce with resume and interview coaching. Staff network on behalf of our guests and help them gain living-wage employment. Graduates receive additional support for at least one year.

Simonka Place Supportive Services

Supportive Services


Guests with special needs receive comprehensive care. Our goal is to meet their critical needs, which can include:

food and shelter
clothing and showers
intensive case management
permanent supportive housing
government program assistance

Simonka Place Transitional Services

Transitional Services


Women whose greatest needs are stable employment and housing receive tools for long-term success:

resume and cover letter preparation
interview coaching
connections to employers
stable housing

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