Eric Jones

It took Eric 30 years to work his way up in the restaurant business…and just one unfortunate accident to end his cooking career and leave him homeless.  “About three years ago I broke my ankle pretty badly. It took three surgeries and three months to put it back together,” Eric remembers. “I wasn’t able to move on a cooking line the way I used to and I lost my job.” Eric also lost his home and any hope he had for a stable future.

Last May, Eric arrived at UGM and immediately joined our New Life Fellowship program. Here, he was able to focus on his health, his faith and his future. “I drank an awful lot before I came into the program,” Eric says. “I don’t think about drinking anymore. It’s not a problem.”

Though he has always believed in God, Eric says he didn’t always feel close to Him. That changed at UGM. “I’m learning to rely a lot more on my faith than I used to and I’m getting closer to God every day. I’m loving every minute of it.” Eric is also loving every minute of family time he’s had since coming to UGM and reconnecting with his children and grandchildren. “They can see a difference in my life since I’ve been in the program,” he says. “It’s been a blessing for me. I’m really happy with the way things are working out.”

Because his injury prevents him from being on his feet for long periods of time, Eric is honing his computer skills and looking into alternative employment paths. “My counselor and I have been talking about some vocational training when I get done with the program. Maybe I can get into medical transcribing.”

With graduation just a few months away, Eric helps out at the Mission by working in the baggage room, picking up food donations and running the dining room during meals. Thanks to you, Eric has all the ingredients he needs to make a satisfying, productive life!

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