Meet Kathleen.

Kathleen has served as an  instructor at Simonka Place for 3 years. With her B.A. in English and a Master’s in  Early Childhood Education,  she taught 34 years in public schools, and 4 years at an Indian reservation Rosebud Sioux, South Dakota.

When she heard of a need for volunteer teachers at UGM, there was no hesitation to apply. “I knew it was for me without any doubt. I believe teaching is my calling.” Talking  with Kathleen, you can’t help but agree that God has gifted her with a passion for teaching and for the women at Simonka Place.

Kathleen has many success stories of ladies who have gone through her writing course at Simonka Place. One student she is exceptionally proud of is a New Life  Fellowship graduate  who  has  gone into full-time employment at the State of Oregon.  Quite a story of success and  a changed life!
Simonka Place for Women and Children.


Kathleen’s investment into the women at Simonka has allowed her to witness some amazing things. “These women have an incredible amount of resilience and strength. They are trying their very best to change their lives – and  through the difficulties they find the ability to laugh again. They begin to see their worth as they allow God to fill those empty holes.  They are worth what we invest in them. I am blessed and they are a blessing.”

Volunteering at UGM has made a huge impact on Kathleen. She sees the homeless in a different light now. “I appreciate them when I see them on the streets. I have no basis for judging. My reliance on God has strengthened.”

Her advice to anybody considering volunteering at UGM, “Be sure you are called by God to be there and ask for God to give you His love to everyone who comes across your path, and He will.

More than 1,800 volunteers serve at UGM every year, and every one comes with their own talents and a mindset of blessing others. Consider   volunteering at UGM! We would love to have you here!

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