The Food Share and the Mission: Working Together to End Hunger and Homelessness

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For more than 17 years, Marion Polk Food Share and Union Gospel Mission of Salem have joined forces to feed hungry neighbors.

A whopping 98 percent of the meals UGM serves to guests is provided by our community, and the Food Share makes up a large portion of those donations.

“Marion Polk Food Share is vital to the success of providing nutritious meals to our clients,” says UGM Men’s Ministry Director Myron Jones.

Everything from fruits and vegetables, meat, to fresh dairy is packed and waiting for our weekly pick-ups.

UGM doesn’t want to simply fill stomachs, we want to sustain the men, women, and children who take a seat at our table. The Food Share helps us fulfill that commitment.

Josh Holdaway, warehouse manager with Marion Polk Food Share, loads milk onto a pallet while filling an order for Union Gospel Mission of Salem. Photo courtesy of the Food Share.

Says Simonka Place Kitchen Manager Julie, “Josh and his gang in the warehouse always go above and beyond to fill our weekly order. And if I show up [low on food], they let us shop as many times as needed to make sure we have enough to get us through the week.”

In 2020, alone, UGM received more than 18,698 pounds of food from the Food Share.

“We are grateful for our longstanding partnership with Union Gospel Mission. Working together, we are making sure that our most vulnerable neighbors have access to nutritious food,” says Rick Gaupo, president and CEO of Marion Polk Food Share.

Thank you, Marion Polk Food Share, and thank you Salem-Keizer community for helping us care for the hungry.


Changing the face of homelessness often begins with a meal. Give today to nourish hungry neighbors at


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