After the passing of their brother, sisters Sherene and DeAnne felt compelled to do something to honor his life by serving those in need. Their brother had been a guest at the mission who enjoyed the meals and loved going to chapel. He was chronically homeless and had been struggling with mental illness yet received love and compassion when he came to the mission for help.

Aware of the compassion that their brother received, Sherene and DeAnne decided that they wanted to serve together once a month at the Men’s Mission as a way to love those who are downtrodden.

“After our brother died, we decided to serve together once a month. Serving meals at the Men’s Mission is our way of honoring him and giving back.” Says Sherene.

“At first we thought it would be a little scary, being two women coming to serve meals – but it’s not! I look forward to spending time with my sister. I look forward to seeing the men and encouraging them.” DeAnne leans forward and continues. “When we are serving, I believe it’s important to look at all the men in the eye. My brother was a person and people don’t always think of him that way because of his struggles. He had a really kind heart.”

Sherene and DeAnne both look forward to seeing the men’s smiles, “They are very thankful. Many people think that they’re not grateful, but I see their gratefulness…which makes me want to do it more.”

DeAnne encourages those who are considering volunteering at Union Gospel Mission of Salem, “It’s a positive experience, you can see God at work. Anyone considering needs to come and experience it for themselves. God will bless you and show you that it is a worthwhile service.”

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