Sponsorship Opportunity:

Partnering with churches, individuals and organizations to maximize our effectiveness, we help the neediest of our community break the cycle of homelessness, addiction and incarceration as men and women experience dynamic transformation in following Christ, and become contributing members of our community.

Your new Men’s Mission will increase overnight capacity from 150 beds to 300.

With the demand for shelter constantly increasing in our community, our new Men’s Mission will allow us to safely shelter more men in need.

Room Sponsorship Opportunities:
  • Guest Dorm 1
  • Guest Dorm 2
  • Guest Dorm 3
  • Guest Dorm 4
  • Guest Dorm 5
  • Guest Dorm 6
  • Guest Dorm 7
  • Guest Dorm 8
  • Guest Dorm 9
  • 255 Division Street NE
    Transitional House

“I used to think I was stuck, but the Mission gave me the spark of hope I needed to change my life.”

– Miguel

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