Sponsorship Opportunity:

Partnering with churches, individuals and organizations to maximize our effectiveness, we help the neediest of our community break the cycle of homelessness, addiction and incarceration as men and women experience dynamic transformation in following Christ, and become contributing members of our community.

Your new Men’s Mission will increase our NLF Recovery Program’s capacity from 43 to 78.

With these new facilities, we will be able to equip more men with the tools they need to break free from cyclical homelessness and addiction.
Room Sponsorship Opportunities:
  • Program Lounge
  • Exercise Room
  • Candidate Wing Patio
  • Program Apartment 1
  • Program Apartment 2
  • Program Apartment 3
  • Program Apartment 4
  • Program Apartment 5
  • Program Apartment 6
  • Program Apartment 7
  • Program Apartment 8
  • Program Apartment 9
  • Program Apartment 10
  • Counselor Office 1
  • Counselor Office 2
  • Counselor Office 3
  • Counselor Office 4
  • Counselor Office 5
  • Intern Apartment 1
  • Intern Apartment 2
  • Intern Apartment 3
  • Exodus Apartment 1
  • Exodus Apartment 2
  • Exodus Apartment 3

“When I asked God to take the fear away, He opened doors to new things. Now I feel creative and know it’s okay not to be perfect. It’s not always easy, but every day I can wake up and look forward to what God is going to teach me. Every day can be a new adventure.”

– Bill

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