When he was high on methamphetamine, Mike thought he was Superman. “I was unstoppable. Nobody could touch me.” But he eventually realized, “I was just a broken person.”

Mike’s brokenness began at age 18 when his mother passed away. “My whole world collapsed,” he recalls. “That’s when I started plummeting into the downward spiral of drug addiction and getting into trouble.”

Looking back, Mike admits that he was better off in jail. “I would get off drugs, and when I was released I could function as a normal person. But it would only last a month and I’d spiral out of control again.”

Out on his own, Mike surrounded himself with “friends” who only stayed around until the drugs ran out. Alienated and angry, he pushed away the one person who still loved him. “My girlfriend told me that I’d completely changed. I started using again and I didn’t care about her. She was my best friend. To this day, she won’t talk to me.”

Breaking up with his girlfriend also cost Mike his home. “My first thought was, ‘Now where am I going to go?’”

Mike had been at UGM in the past but wasn’t sure if he would be welcome again. “It took me an hour and a half to go inside, but I’m glad I did.” The staff did remember Mike. “They gave me a hug and said they’d been praying for me. I wasn’t expecting that!”

Mike also wasn’t expecting to stay long term, but he joined the New Life Fellowship program again and found that it was the best decision he’d made. “I’m learning how to live a better life,” he says. “Before, I was doing the program to please other people. This time I’m doing it for me.”

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  1. Jesus is beautiful. Blessed program.
    I have someone i love on this program, and i pray God he can conclude it.
    God bless you all.

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