Julie never felt like she fit in anywhere…not at school, at home or in her relationships. Her solution? “I just kept getting drunk and high,” she tells us.

Over the years, Julie went through a lot of jobs. “Because of my addiction, I wouldn’t show up,” she admits. She stayed in relationships longer, simply because she was needy. But when they failed, she would fall back into her drug use. “It was a vicious cycle and it just got worse and worse.”

Finally, all Julie wanted was to stop the cycle…but she didn’t know how. “I thought I was too old to change,” she says. “I thought I wasn’t good enough.”

At UGM, Julie found out that she wasn’t too old – and that she was more than “good enough”!

“I haven’t looked back,” Julie says. “Through the classes I’m learning that God loves me and that He forgives me. I’m starting to love myself and to know that I am worthy. This place saved my life, it really did!”

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