“She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.”

Proverbs 31:20

What About the Women?

Pic of June Simonka

This was the question June Simonka asked her husband George, who was the executive director of Union Gospel Mission of Salem. This one question highlighted a need, sparked conversations, ignited compassion, and led to Simonka House opening in 1968 – the first homeless shelter of its kind on the west coast.

Since that first day, thousands of women and children have found refuge and encountered God’s life-changing love, leading to renewed lives and families.

The June Simonka Giving Circle (JSGC) embodies June’s heart for hurting and homeless women. The mission of the JSGC is to restore dignity to our sisters in need by loving and equipping each woman with the tools and resources she needs to break free from homelessness and thrive in her calling. Members are a group of caring people dedicated to this mission, community members who walk beside our hurting sisters.



Giving Circle members commit to volunteering throughout the year. Opportunities include serving meals, praying, food drives, mentoring, leading a craft and more. Special onsite and offsite service projects for members will come up seasonally.



Members commit to an annual gift and vote each year for grant projects that will support and shape the future of women’s ministries at the Mission.



Members commit to learning more about homelessness through workshops, articles, and educational community events. Both onsite and offsite opportunities will be made available throughout the year.


Once a year, Giving Circle members come together to vote on grants for high-impact projects that will benefit the women and children of Simonka Place, hear testimonies, and celebrate all the life change that has happened throughout the year.

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