“I don’t belong. There’s something wrong with me. I can’t trust anybody. If I leave, everything will fall apart. If people know me, they won’t like me.”

Wendy had carried these false beliefs around since her childhood. Later in life, she turned to drugs and alcohol to silence them, but in the throes of her addiction, she lives them out instead.

Wendy lied to herself the first time she was at Simonka Place for Women and Children several years ago. She stayed with s for two months while between homes. Knowing the whole time that she should have been in the recovery program. “I was good at hiding it,” she admits.

After leaving, she moved in with a boyfriend and continued her lifestyle of drinking and drug use. Relationships problems drove her back to Simonka Place in June of 2015. This time, Wendy was ready to work on some deeper issues and joined our New Life Fellowship program.

Today, Wendy says, “I’m walking with God. He’s got a hold of me. He’s not letting go and I’m not letting go of Him either.” The Lord helped her overcome her addictions and gave her a bonus blessing: “He restored my relationship with my children who I hadn’t spoken to in two or three years. It was a miracle.”

Wendy looks forward to spending time with her children and eight grandchildren after she graduates from the program. By then, she will have also completed her GED and is open to whatever plans God has for her.

And those false beliefs? “Now I’m learning that they were lies. I’m becoming a new person!”

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