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The community response following the public launch of our capital campaign, “Hope Has a New Address,” is bulldozing expectations. The Harvest Celebration event generated over $1 million in a single day, outstripping projections and paving the way for the groundbreaking of the new Men’s Mission in October of 2019. In total, $7.9 million has been raised, over half of the $15 million campaign goal. Breaking new ground ensures that the new facility is equipped to offer targeted solutions to the growing problem of homelessness.

The new Men’s Mission is a commitment to the serious need for hope and support in our direct community. A new facility not only increases the opportunity for life-change, but the efficacy of our efforts. Doubling bedding capacity means fewer men on the streets and a greater opportunity for additional assistance and involvement in restorative programs. Increasing our dining room capacity from 84 to 200 seats allows us to serve 58,000 more meals annually, decreasing street-side congestion and better fostering community by reducing the number of separate shifts needed to accommodate demand.

As phase two looks forward to the official groundbreaking in less than a year, UGM has begun the process of federal tax credit grants and affordable housing applications. As we continue in this next phase of community partnership, we not only desire your support, but covet your prayers as well. Every large-scale project has its own set of large-scale circumstances and challenges to overcome. We ask prayer for the details of construction, for continued commitment in serving those who walk through our doors, for wisdom and guidance for UGM’s leadership, and for a dedicated focus on our core values: Christ centered, client focused, community connected.

A new Mission means more than just food and shelter. It can affirm human dignity. It will effectively accommodate those with physical disabilities and mental illness. It expands educational and career-focused opportunities. It provides a center of agency collaboration and community partnership. A new Mission demonstrates devotion and harbors hope. It is our sincere hope that you continue to walk alongside us, as a community, strengthening our collective desire to end homelessness in Salem. Along with your support, we truly believe God’s blessings are paving the way toward new life.

Want to be part of helping build the new Men’s Mission in Salem? Give today to help more people break free from homelessness in our community. 

2 thoughts on “Hope Has a New Address”

  1. Phil & Joanne Steinhart

    We are new to Salem and have previously been donors of the Modesto UGM which also does wonderful work. Other than a POB, I haven’t seen a street address for SUGM. Where are you and do you have required chapel before dinner or other meals? Modesto does and we like that custom.

  2. It is a capital campaign, “Hope Has a New Address,” is bulldozing expectations. The new Men’s Mission is a commitment to the serious need for hope and support in their direct community. Thank you so much for sharing the mission idea.

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