Carrie had managed to raise four children during a 20-year addiction to prescription opiates. However, just six months on meth led to “the end of my life as I knew it.” Five years ago, Carrie had finally ended her opiate addiction… then she was introduced to meth. The drug quickly took over her life. “I lost everything and ended up on the streets,” Carrie remembers.

“I was completely by myself. I slept under a trailer. It was a couple of blocks from where I had lived so I felt safe. Even though it wasn’t a home, it wasn’t warm, and it wasn’t inside, it was the safest place I knew.” However, God led Carrie to a truly safe place where she could overcome her addiction and become the woman and mother He intended her to be. Carrie arrived at Simonka Place for Women and Children last August and has been drug-free ever since.

“The counselors are wonderful and very approachable,” Carrie tells us. “The intimacy is amazing. They make it very comfortable, at your own pace, and you develop a relationship. It’s very personal.” The atmosphere at Simonka Place, Carrie says, is more like a college dorm than a homeless shelter. “With the sisterly affections that we have and schooling with math, reading and writing, it’s a lot of fun.”

Carrie’s two oldest sons recently told her they felt bad that she ended up in a shelter. “I told them that I’ve never felt so rich in my life. I have everything I need, plus I have God in my life. I’m really, really rich. It’s a wonderful place.”

Carrie looks forward to reuniting with her youngest daughter, now four years old, and raising her to know the Lord – something she wishes she had done with her older children. “I feel like I did my children a disservice by not having them immersed in God as they were growing up.” In fact, Carries is eager to share her faith and recovery with everyone she meets. “I want to find a way to spread the good news. I truly believe that if I can do it, anyone can do it!”

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2 thoughts on “God Leads Carrie to the Safest Place”

  1. Would like to see posts on Facebook or emails of needs of mission from community more..I think ALOT of salem community would help more if made more aware…Money isn’t always what people can help with but sometimes other things…I would like to do more personally if I can

  2. wonderful storie thanks to GOD and UGM that is working thru the gospel to transform lives of many people God bless them.

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