Having transportation is something we often take for granted. It becomes second nature to us as we hop into our car and get from one place to another in a matter of minutes. We use our cars to get to and from work, the grocery store, school and many other tasks we are required to do each day. Without a means of transportation, our busy schedules grind to a halt.

For our residents, transportation is vital as they struggle to transition back into the community.

“Transportation is your independence, your ability to get from here to there, your ability to find a job and get to your job.” says Jerry, Grear Street Program Manager.

Jerry recently told of a chain of events at one of our transitional homes. As the events progressed, it was clear that God was orchestrating the entire thing. It started when a mentor of a past NLF graduate gave his mentee Bill a truck so that he could get to work. Unable to purchase his own vehicle at the time, Bill recognized this as a gift from God. When he was able to save his money, he purchased a newer vehicle. He now had two vehicles… and an amazing opportunity. Bill freely gave the first car to another resident who desperately needed transportation for job interviews.

So the chain of blessing began.

vehicle at a steeply discounted price. He realized one of his brothers, who was staying at the transitional house, was in need of a car to get to work but could not afford one. Tyler recognized this as a chance to bless a friend in need – so he gave this extra vehicle to the resident. This enabled this man to get to his new job, save his money and regain a fresh start in his new life.

As this chain of events progressed, it was making quite an impact on all of the guys who were living in the transition house. Unfortunately for one resident, David, his car was stolen in the middle of the night. With help from a friend, he was able to receive financing in order to purchase another vehicle. A few weeks after he purchased his car, David received a phone call from the police—they had found his stolen vehicle! With two cars in his possession, he saw this as a chance to bless someone in need. David decided to sell his car at a discounted price to another guest who needed help getting to work.

One after the other, this chain of events unfolded right before Jerry’s eyes.


“They say we walk with angels. To me this is another example of God in action without realizing it and later you look back and say wow – that really happened!”

The need for transportation is important, especially for those who are transitioning back into our community and need assistance getting to work and job interviews. If you feel led to bless others through the need of transportation, consider donating bikes,used vehicles, or money for bus passes.

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*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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