The darkest night of Scott’s life was very nearly his last. Alone and addicted to alcohol and pornography, Scott found himself outside in a torrential rainstorm at 2 a.m., ready to end his life.

Before he could take his life, Scott felt a single spark of hope ignite within him. That small spark led him to Union Gospel Mission of Salem.

At UGM, Scott reflected on the circumstances that had led him to consider such a desperate act. A college graduate and Air Force veteran, Scott had grown up with a strong work ethic and constantly strove to please everyone around him. But Scott had never tried to please God.

“It’s not about working harder or earning your way,” Scott learned. “I have sinned and the only way for salvation is to believe in Christ and to follow Him.” As a participant in our New Life Fellowship program, Scott recognized his need for humility and came to understand how his way of thinking had isolated him, contributed to his addictions and shattered his hope.


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Living in community at UGM was an important factor in Scott’s healing, helping him grow in relation with God and with others. Still driven by his need to work, Scott served as a cook in the Mission’s kitchen, sharing his specialties of moussaka and Mexican lasagna. “Food brings people together,” Scott says.

Today, Scott is living on his own, but he no longer feels isolated.  “I’ve got work friends, neighbor friends, church friends and family friends. Never would I have imagined that surrendering to God would supercharge my life like this. And I feel like I’m just getting started!”

Scott is dating a “beautiful, kind, funny Christian woman” and looks forward to spending time with his mom during an upcoming vacation. “My worst day now is a better ride than my best day before,” Scott says. “None of this is happening without a relationship with God. I hope the brothers who are currently at the Mission, especially the ones in the New Life Fellowship program, are beginning to find hope through finding God.”

With your generous support and prayers, we’re sure that many of Scott’s brothers in Christ will find that hope and “supercharge” their lives just like Scott!

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