As house manager at two transitional homes for women, Sherry was able to draw on her own experiences as a recent graduate of an alcohol treatment program.

But when she began suffering from the stress of chronic pain and sexual harassment, she says, “I turned back to the drinking, one of my old coping mechanisms.” Eight months later Sherry admitted that, like the women in her care, she needed help.

Her lifelong relationship with the Lord gave Sherry a solid foundation, but she knew she needed to connect more closely with His will. “It’s been challenging and it’s a little uncomfortable,” she admits. “I had to be willing to surrender, to let Him make those changes.”

At Simonka Place for Women and Children, Sher­ry found plenty of encouragement and support. “Staff continually demonstrate God’s loving grace to me. That’s been the key to my sticking this out the whole time.”

Sherry also discovered some important personal insights during her stay. “One of my false beliefs was that I’m really good at solving problems. Sometimes there’s not a solution, and having to accept that, as a problem solver, was huge.”

Looking ahead, Sherry feels confident in her ability to follow God’s plan. “I have 16 months sober. Before now, I never had more than ten. I’m aware of what difficulties and challenges will be ahead, but I’m prepared to meet them. I have the tools to move forward.”

Simonka Place staff will continue helping Sherry meet her goals. “It’s a relief knowing that sometimes, but the networks have always fallen through in spite of all my efforts to build them. Now I know I can come back if I have an issue.”

Sherry thanks you for your contributions to UGM. “Donations are the reason why we have the recovery programs that we have. UGM transforms lives and they do it with grace and love!”

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