Feeding Stomachs and Changing Hearts – Part 1


Over the last month, we have had an outpouring of provision that will help us continue to serve our community in  healthier and more efficient ways. Courthouse,  the  Salem Foundation   and the  Salem Rotary Foundation  have graciously given us more brand new kitchen equipment than we could have hoped for. These gifts have radically changed how UGM serves those in need.

Food steamer, donated by the Salem Foundation (left), Michael Kerrigone (right) next to the new food warmer.


Michael Kerrigone, UGM’s Food Services Manager, was brimming with excitement as he explained how each piece will make a major impact on both kitchen efficiency and the health of our clients.

“We are constantly looking for sustainability in our food services – more color on the plates, less carbohydrates, foods that will make them feel better and be nutritious. We are working with a high risk population with compromised immune systems and food safety is our number one priority.  Cooling the donated prepared foods in the new chill-blaster allows us to keep food safe. Because of the high volume of food we make, the new food warmer will allow us to cook the food in large quantities and keep it at a safe temperature.”


The chill-blaster will allow UGM to keep foods at a safe temperature.


Courthouse  generously contributed new kitchen knives, an industrial hand mixer, cutting boards, a char broiler, tumblers and a food steamer for Simonka Place, which the Salem Rotary Foundation  helped us install.

“With this new equipment, we have the opportunity to cook healthier foods. When the men who intern in the kitchen move on to work somewhere after they graduate from our program, they’ll get to know how a kitchen works by learning real techniques on equipment restaurants are actually using. With this equipment, we’re setting up our guys for success who want to work in the food industry.  Not only that, we’re also teaching basic culinary techniques and recipes that they can utilize in real life on a shoe-string budget.”<


New cutting boards and kitchen knives.


The  Salem Foundation  also contributed funds for a food steamer, table and food scale at the Men’s Mission, which has already exponentially increased our efficiency in providing 600 – 900 meals a day for  homeless men, women and children.
It’s truly amazing to see God’s hand at work and to have community partners who care for the homeless men, women and children at UGM. Or, as Michael puts it,
“The hand of favor on this place is ridiculously good.”
Check out other stories of hope in our upcoming newsletter  and on our blog,  365 Days of Hope.

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  1. Never realized just how big the mission is and how many you serve- May God Bless you and your fellow co workers and all you serve-keep up the great works!

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