Changing the face of homelessness through education

Our Learning Centers provide men and women the opportunity to prepare for the GED exam and to improve both academic and technical skills. Caring staff and volunteers work with each student to develop an education plan based on their individual needs and goals. Every step of the way men and women are encouraged and celebrated as they achieve milestones in their education.
  • GED prep and testing
  • Tutoring
  • Academic support and career development
  • Two-year degree opportunity through our Career Track Program

Read stories from a few whose lives have been changed by UGM’s education services:

Clients spent 5,411 hours spent in our Learning Centers last year. 

30 GED tests were passed.

52 found employment

“The progression of life changes for me from alcohol, drugs, and bitter desperation to education was UGM’s reminder that God still cares...”
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