If I didn’t end up here at the Mission, I would go back to doing drugs again, and I’d end up … I’d end up dead.
“I had been to New Orleans, Louisiana to visit my daughter, and we got into a big fallout, and I was drinking heavily. I drank a fifth of bourbon and ended up in the psych ward for five days in Louisiana,” says Diana. “I knew then something had to change.” 
Manipulation, coercion, verbal abuse, and gaslighting tore the fabric of her worldview as her abuser shrunk Tracy’s life to an existence. The worst part of it all was the psychological abuse she endured.
“The more depressed I got, the more anxious I got and then the two of them are a very vicious cycle. They feed off of each other like nothing else.”
“I was living in my car and then I think a year passed and I couldn’t keep my job and I couldn’t keep the payments for the car. I did end up for about three weeks on the street and then a place opened up [at Simonka Place] for me.
I wish there was more facilities like Simonka that were willing to open their doors no matter what your circumstance, no matter what your affliction is.
As far back as I could remember, I’d always been confident I had everything figured out. I was the Lewis and Clark of my own experience…
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