Angelina finds peace & calm at Simonka Place


Angelina arrived at Simonka Place for Women and Children with “a lot of baggage” though she only had the clothes on her back. Abused as a child, Angelina went on to have five sons in a series of unsuccessful relationships. A warrant was issued for her arrest over a custody issue.

For a time, Angelina stayed ahead of the law, living in a trailer park. When she could no longer afford her trailer, she moved into the park manager’s basement in exchange for housework. Later the manager gave Angelina 30 days to turn herself in. When she didn’t, he called the sheriff’s office and changed the locks while she was in jail.

“My whole world came crashing down on me,” Angelina remembers. But Simonka Place helped her to start building a brand new life. “I know there’s a purpose for me being here,” says Angelina. “The classes are awesome. I’ve learned so much.”

Raised in the Baha’i faith, Angelina knew little about Jesus Christ. At Simonka Place, she entered into a gathering of women guided by the Holy Spirit. “When we pray together, I can’t deny the power,” she tells us.

Today, Angelina is fed by the fruits of that prayer. “I feel peace and calm because I trust in God. If I listen and watch, God will guide me wherever my gifts will serve others.”

Angelina believes God is guiding her toward being an advocate for abused women and children. “I feel like I’ve experienced all this to be a voice for others. I had a hard time speaking up for myself. But if I see someone else being victimized, I can speak out for them.”

Angelina’s future promises even more. “My son is back in my life and I have God to thank for that.” She also thanks you for supporting Simonka Place and UGM. “Everything you do helps so many people!”

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