David Box, a volunteer at UGM of Salem, has been donating his barber skills at the Mission for over four years. In 2014, David decided he wanted to get involved by offering his unique skillset, so he scheduled an appointment with UGM’s Volunteer Coordinator. “I came in and spoke with someone and thought maybe there’s a need for haircuts. The Volunteer Coordinator said there was a need and there were some other barbers coming in and cutting hair, so I started coming – I enjoy it. I do it to serve God.”

When a guest sits in David’s barber chair, they aren’t just getting their hair cut, they receive a loving ear from someone who cares about them and their story. Many of the guests who come to the Mission come with an addiction they want to break. David can relate to their struggle. “I’ve been in recovery, so I share that with the guys and encourage them. You know it’s hard, but I can relate. I know what they are going through. I’ve been blessed, very blessed. God’s blessed me with my business. It’s good to hear their stories and I know they struggle. We encourage each other.”

David sees the need for this type of service and is busy when he comes in—cutting hair for upwards of 16 guests in the time he is at the Mission. He says, “I think there is definitely a need for another barber. It would keep him or her busy too.”

There are so many different opportunities to love people using your own unique skills. Do you have something special you’d like to offer men, women and children who stay at the Mission? Or maybe you want to help where needed most? Contact us to set up an appointment with our Volunteer Coordinator at 503.967.6388.

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