“I had so many trials from being married young,” Laurie recalls. She divorced her husband and left with her two young daughters, but Laurie’s trials were just beginning. “I was self-centered and my daughters went back to their dad.” Alone and regretting her family’s break-up, Laurie began drinking. “Alcohol is a terrible thing for me. It took over my life and made me numb.” Worse, Laurie ended up in prison for driving under the influence.

Released back to Salem and not knowing anyone in town, Laurie came to Simonka Place for Women and Children. “I remember coming through the doors, frightened, but the staff were so nice. You could see the kindness in their eyes.” Encouraged by their warm welcome, Laurie joined our New Life Fellowship program. Since then, Laurie has discovered the rewards of following God’s will rather than her own. “My stress is gone. I’m not alone anymore; God’s there. He got me through this. I have something to look forward to. This place has given me hope.”

Your gifts to Simonka Place also gave Laurie her family back. “I’m a grandma now and my kids are ready for me to do something for myself and be healthy,” she says. Laurie graduated from the program in January and plans to work on behalf of homeless women in our community or with her church. “I have nothing holding me back,” she says.

Today, Laurie enjoys stocking shelves and interacting with customers at the UGM Mission Store. As someone with a background in retail, Laurie finds joy giving back to the place that renewed her hope. Thank you for helping Laurie build a legacy of hope for her daughters and grandchild.

Help more women like Laurie break free from addiction and restore their lives. Double your gift now through the end of April!

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