A Day in the Life of Hope: Supportive Services


Seeing Christ as the only true hope has never been as transparent as it is in my ministry at the mission—especially with the constant flow of new guests with new needs.

Just a few months back Mr. Skinner, a guest struggling with dementia, came through our doors. According to police, Mr. Skinner was found wandering in the middle of the forest near the coast. Hungry, lost, and without a home address, the officer on duty decided that we would be best equipped to care for him.

One thing that struck me about our new guest was that he never smiled. Different staff members, myself included, worked one-on-one with Mr. Skinner. After a couple months of care and case management, we were able to help Mr. Skinner locate his family! Though not present, I was later told that Mr. Skinner could not stop smiling.

I work at the Supportive Services track at the Men’s Mission, which drastically changed my outlook. Serving the hungry and hurting draws me closer to Christ as a savior, even in a high-stress environment. God always supplies the guidance and comfort I need so that I can work with individuals who need extra care and provision to move forward in life.

Stories like Mr. Skinner’s have taught me to see the homeless population in a new light. I realize that every person has a special significance as a part of God’s creation.

Starting this month, UGM is kicking off a brand new series called “A Day in the Life of Hope.” These blog posts will illuminate what goes on behind the doors of hope. This series will feature directors, counselors, program managers, executives, and many other perspectives. This will give readers a unique glimpse at UGM’s inner workings through the people who are on the frontlines.

2015-05-12 09.21 Simon Sandusky
Simon Sandusky started at the welcome desk as an intern and now fills the role of Guest Services Manager at the Men’s Mission. Check out other stories of hope on our blog, 365 Days of Hope.


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