Behind the Doors of Hope: Transitional Services at UGM


On a bus from New York to Salem, Michael Durrant had no idea that the very first building he laid eyes on would be the very place God would put him to work.

Originally from the Virgin Islands, Michael grew up in Brooklyn, but decided to move to Oregon. He has been serving at UGM for the past six years, as the Transitional Case Manager for the past two and loves what he does.

“One of my favorite parts of my job is listening to their stories and seeing how we can work together to get men where they need to be,” Michael explains. “Many of them want to help themselves.”

On average, Michael meets with 16 guys a day and has a constant stream of people going in and out of his office. After hearing a person’s story, Michael digs into the details. They go over background checks, job history and rental history to “see ways we could work together to get them where they need to be.”

Over the past six years Michael has witnessed God transform lives at the Mission in amazing ways. He has also had the opportunity to lead people to Christ while giving them the support they need to become self-sufficient.

“There are a lot of intelligent guys. I am surprised at how much talent they have.”

Six years at the Mission may have changed Michael’s outlook on God, homelessness and what it means to be a steward, but one thing has stayed the same.

“I love doing this.”

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